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Prestige Outdoor Picnic Tables

“Last 20 Years + Virtually NO Maintenance & Cost Effective”

PRESTIGE  Tables: Sizes: 6 And 8 Seaters 

Prestige picnic tables

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PRESTIGE BAR Picnic Tables: Sizes: 6 And 8 Seaters – 1 Meter High

1 Meter High: Hardwood Bar Picnic Tables

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  • Made from 100% FSC-Certified Bamboo composite (tops & seats)

  • No Painting, Oiling Or Staining Required – Long Lasting, Low Maintenance &  Cost Effective. Prestige Picnic Tables uses the latest advances and new material technologies, to create a revolution in outdoor furniture. Long-term structural performance and beauty is guaranteed. 

    • NO PAINTING & NO SEALING (Tops and Seats)
  • Wide-Open Walk-In Design: The only picnic table design of its kind in all Australia. Anyone, no matter how big, small, man or woman can easily walk right in and sit right down.

  • Safety-First Aussie Craftsmanship – MADE IN AUSTRALIA: Rather than cut corners, we sand them so their smooth, rounded for maximum comfort and safety. Same goes for the tops and seats.

  • Triple Protection Warranty Design: 25 years guarantee against rot and decay, 10 years structural warranty and 5 year workmanship warranty

Prestige Picnic Tables is available in two colours.

Last 20 Years +, Virtually NO Maintenance

Bar / Pub Picnic Tables – 1 Meter High!

Prestige WOW Picnic Tables

The Prestige Picnic Tables uses the latest advances and new material technologies, to create a revolution in outdoor furniture. Long-term structural performance and beauty is guaranteed, and will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and memories.

It will never require oiling or sealing (tops and seats) and can endure extreme climates, ranging from humid tropical rainforests to hot, dry deserts, from snow capped mountains to flood prone areas.

  • won’t check, crack, warp, or splinter
  • is lower maintenance, as it doesn’t require painting, sealing or staining
  • is suitable for wet environments, as it is resistant to mould, fungus, and rot
  • is suitable for seaside locations, as it is resistant to salt corrosion
  • is termite resistant
  • is self extinguishing
  • is moisture resistant

Prestige Picnic Tables is available in four colours and two sizes (6 & 8 seater tables). Choose between Brown Jarrah and Weathered Grey to create your dream outdoor setting.


Prestige Picnic Tables has combined two sustainable and responsible materials. Using the high strength of composite materials, and the durability and weather resistance of LOSP H3 Treated Pine, the tables gives strong consideration to the limited natural resources we all share, and the future of the planet.

Table top & seats

Our Prestige Picnic Tables is available in TWO colours and two sizes. Choose between Weathered Grey or Brown Jarrah to create your dream outdoor setting (table top and seats).

Weathered Grey

Brown Jarrah

Legs & other tables sections.

Pre-stained in our mahogany brown colour

Picnic tables dimensionsStandard table height 0.7m high
Bar / pub  tables 1.0m high
Fixings:HEX5 Type 17 Gal Bugle / Batten Screws 
Stain / Vanish:Odorless, water-borne stain / varnish. Active ingredients: Pure acrylic polymers with coloring pigments.
Umbrella Hole:51mm Optional (no EXTRA cost)
Triple Protection Warranty:25-year guarantee against rot and decay, 10-years structural warranty and 5-year workmanship warranty.
Australia-wide Delivery:Yes
Instruction Manual:Yes
Timber (Legs)45mm Thick H3 LOSP Treated Pine (25 year rot/decay guarantee)
Table Tops & Seats:Composite materials (wood grain finish)