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“We only sell top quality white string balinese thatch. Balinese thatch produce an authentic roof that looks stunning, but most importantly it requires no maintenance.”

Natural Bali-Thatch No One Can Match

A lower price doesn’t always have to mean lower quality and our Bali thatch is living proof. In all Australia there’s just no match for our real Alang-Alang grass from Bali and Lombok Islands. Individually weighted and hand selected for the finest quality, appearance and performance means longer lasting, more dependable performance no one else can match.

Bali Thatch

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  • White String Thatch: All of our Thatch is export quality white string thatch.
  • Insulation: Our thatch is heat resistant. Because the thatch roof will not absorb as much heat, it creates a shade of up to 10 degrees cooler!
  • Beautiful: Our Balinese Thatch tiles have a gorgeous, rustic appearance.
Balinese Thatch Strip (2500mm)To Cover The Straight Sections Of Your Roof (Export Quality White String)$19.28$13.500 LEFT
Balinese Mud Bug (80mm diameter)Grass Bundles For The Corners Of Hipped Roofs$6.14$4.300 LEFT
3-Piece Terracotta Centre SetRectangular Roofs – Give Your Hut An Authentic Bali-look$257$1800 sets LEFT
Terracotta Crown (for square huts)Square Roofs – – Give Your Hut An Authentic Bali-look$214$1500 sets LEFT
Terracotta Ridge TilesApply These To Rectangular Roofs$7.14$50 tiles LEFT

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“We Are So Confident In The Quality Of Our Products That We Proudly Offer A 100% Money Back Guarantee!”

Balinese Thatch Strips (2.5m)


How Many Strips Do I Need? (Click here)

Strip length: 2500mm (Export Quality – White String)
Weight per bag: +/-15 (10 pieces per bag)
Product Code: BT2.5
Description: To Cover The Straight Sections Of Your Roof
Box size: 2500mm x 800mm x 100mm
Qty Per Bag: 10

Alang Alang Mud Bugs

Bali Mud Bugs

How Many Strips Do I Need? (Click here)

Size: 80mm diameter (Export Quality)
Weight: N/A
Product Code: BMB80
Description: Grass Bundles For The Corners Of Hipped Roofs
Qty Per Bag: 10

Bali-High Quality at Aussie-Low Prices
Lower prices doesn’t always have to mean lower quality and our Bali thatch is living proof. We can match our thatch against any you find in Australia in terms of quality, appearance and performance over time. We even offer the guarantee’s to back it up. The one thing they can’t do is match us for price.

The Bali Thatch (aka: Alang-Alang) Story

On the Island of Bali the landscape is festooned with bungalows and villas topped by beautiful Balinese thatch which is native to the area. Bali Thatch is derived from the harvest of Imperata Cylindrica grasses indigenous to the Islands of Bali and Lombok. Bali Thatch has been used as a traditional form of roofing for centuries by the islander homeowners and businesses. Balinese thatch is preferred because of both its stunning, elegant appearance and it’s properties as a protector against the elements. Bali Thatch roofs can last up to 15-years although in harsher climates the life-span is typically around 8-years.

Balinese thatch is known for its extraordinary durability and as an excellent insulator against heat. A Bali Thatch roof require no finishing or maintenance. To improve the interior appearance of Bali Thatch a light spray of varnish is recommended

Maintaining Your Bali Thatch
Outside of occasional re-ridging, if your Bali Thatch has been properly harvested and processed it won’t require a lot of maintenance. How long ridges will last will depend on several factors including the pitch or angle of your roof, your location, climate and type of structure. When the time comes to reridge your Bali Thatch be sure to replace the wire netting as well.

Keep in mind that the thickness of your Bali Thatch roof will decrease gradually over the years due to natural erosion. A Bali Thatch roof is, after all, a 100% natural roof. The best way to tell if it’s time to replace your Bali Thatch roof is when you can see fixings close to the surface. A Alang Alang roof will perform and last longer when it’s correctly laid to cover the fixings. If, at some time you detect moss on your Bali Thatch roof, don’t worry. It won’t necessarily do any harm. Any water that might penetrate your Bali Thatch roof will likely be due to capillary action and should be very minimal.

Maximize Your Bali Thatch Performance

The natural properties contained within Bali Thatch are what give it such outstanding performance qualities. To make sure you get the most out of your Bali Thatch over the years always seek the services of someone experienced in the installation of Bali Thatch specifically.
Now, here are the performance specifics you can expect from your perfectly harvested, professionally prepared and properly installed Bali Thatch roof.

1. Naturally weather-resistant. Your properly maintained Bali Thatch roof will not absorb large amounts of water. As a result, there will be no large increase to roof weight due to water retention. In a well-designed roof, the top inch or so of the thatch is the only part that feels the effects of the elements. A mandatory roof pitch of 30 degrees or more allows precipitation to travel down the steep slope of the roof and reach the ground long before it has the chance to penetrate the rooms below.

2.) A natural insulator. Bali Thatch contains thousands of pockets of air between and within the stems of the grasses that give your Bali Thatch roof the ability to insulate a building in both warm and cold weather. At least a foot thickness of thatch on top of a roof also helps thermal retention.

3.) Protects against wind damage. Experience of hurricane force wind tests up to 100 mph in have shown that, when applied correctly, Bali Thatch provides superior wind resistance.

Bali Thatch Advantages

Thatch is the most common roofing material in the world and one of the most preferred species is Bali Thatch. It’s a competitive thermal insulator when applied thickly. Bali Thatch ensures your building will be cool in summer and warm in winter.

Bali Thatch provides the versatility to protect roof structures of almost any size, shape or need.

Bali Thatching is a sustainable, renewable resource which is managed responsibly and ecologically by those in the business of growing and harvesting. Many natural Balinese thatching materials are improved by regular harvesting. Once its usefulness as a roof has passed, Bali Thatch can be recycled to serve as an excellent fertilizer.

Bali Thatch, as a natural material, fits right in whether the environment is rural or urban. It brings a touch of tropical elegance and nature to the cities and is a ‘natural’ in the country. Another environmental advantage of using Bali Thatch is; it’s produced by natural processes that do not use scarce and expensive resources of energy, fossil fuels or leave any carbon footprint whatsoever.

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