African Thatch – Basic Thatch / Re-Thatch Guide

To give you a basic idea of how much thatch you’ll need, we’ve put together a few examples. These are just examples, so please give us a call at 1300 900 239 and we’ll gladly go over your plan free of charge, and help you with specific suggestions.

Below is a basic estimate of how many tiles you will need to re-thatch your roof, or add thatch to a brand new structure. Just use the frame size as your guide, and you can see the approximate amounts of tiles.

Please keep in mind:  We highly recommend a 35-40 degree pitch roofs. A good pitch will give you a better aesthetic result, provide easier route for water runoff (thus improving water tightness of the roof), will give you a cooler shade, and will withstand stronger gusts of wind.

These are just basic estimates. If you need a specific estimate or have any questions, please give us a call at 1300 900 239! We’re always here to help!

Round & Oval Shapes


(including thatch overhang)

Tiles QTY Topcone
Round2.3 Diameter2.8 Diameter221
Round2.8 Diameter3.3 Diameter261
Round3.3 Diameter3.8 Diameter381
Round3.8 Diameter4.2 Diameter461
Round4.7 Diameter5 Diameter661
Oval2.3m x 4m2.8 x 4.5441
Oval2.8m x 4.5m3.3 x 5.5481
Oval3.3m x 5.5m3.8 x 6711
Oval3.9m x 5.9m4.2 x 6.2831
Oval4.7m x 6.7m5 x 71071

(All quantities below is just an estimate)

SHAPEFRAME SIZE (m)Tiles QTYCorner Tiles QTY Topcone
Square2 x 218161
Square3 x 342241
Square4 x 476321
Rectangular2 x 331161
Rectangular2 x 443161
Rectangular3 x 460241
Rectangular4 x 5100321

Expert Advice

No one in Australia can come close to matching our hands on experience working with every variety of thatch.  We’ve cut it in the fields.  We’ve treated it in the factories.  We’ve installed it onto many of the world’s most exotic resorts and home town restaurants.  We take into consideration everything from climate to the pitch of the roof to every aspect and challenge your thatch will face day-to-day over the years.
The most important thing to us isn’t ‘making a sale’ – it’s satisfying a client.  We want you to wind up with the right thatch, prepared to meet your needs, installed properly and a price and terms that make the most sense for you.  Our success is based totally on your satisfaction.
When your order leaves our warehouse every thatch is in pristine, ready-to-install condition and that’s exactly how it will arrive.  If anything should happen to compromise the quality during the shipping process, we take full responsibility.