Commercial Picnic Tables

Commercial Picnic Tables – Limited Time Discount for Hotel and Venue Owners!

Outdoor Living Plus is a major supplier of tables for venues like hotels, resorts and restaurants. What makes us the number one choice for many of our clients is the wide selection of products we carry, to fit any need.

Wide Open Walk InPicnic Tables Is Your Answer!!

Commercial Picnic Benches to seat 4, 6, 8 or 10, with or without backrest. Outdoor Pub / Bar Tables (1m high).

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Commercial Picnic Table

Commercial Picnic Table

Voted No #1 Commercial Picnic Benches

  • Variety of tables that seat either 2, 4, 6, 8 or 14 people
  • Tables can be modified with or without backrest
  • A number of colors; from a rustic brown to a high-end black finish
  • Fast and easy installation

Our tables feature an exclusive Outdoor Living Plus design that has been created to maximize convenience and minimize common injuries associated with regular, low-end tables. All commercial picnic tables have the following features:

  • Easy foot access pathways: to make getting in and out convenient, and reduce possibility of bumping and scraping knees
  • Perfect routing: to reduce possibility of splinters and scratches
  • Rounded corners: to reduce chances of accidental scraping and bruising
  • Multiple sanding steps: to create a fine finish, to reduce chances of splinters and scrapes
  • Optional back rests: to make sitting easy and comfortable, and allow for true relaxation. Further, this helps prevent children from accidentally falling over

Commercial Picnic Tables

When it comes to outdoor commercial picnic tables, traditional models leave a lot to be desired. Traditional designs have a number of flaws including blocked passageways that make it awkward for many people to use and almost impossible for those with limited mobility to use. The new, safer, “open” designs offered by Outdoor Living Plus eliminate these design flaws and make it easier to enjoy spending time outdoors with family and friends.

The heavy duty, walk in picnic table kits offered by Outdoor Living Plus make it possible for you to add these ergonomically correct easy leg pathway picnic tables to your outdoor seating area and make outdoor eating a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. In addition to an open entry design, these picnic tables offer rounded corners to prevent accidental injury. These kits offer high quality structural grade pine components that are treated to prevent decay due to exposure to the elements and termite infestation and easy to follow directions that make it a snap to put these tables together. They also include all of the supplies you need to stain your new picnic table so that it will look beautiful and provide years of quality service. Get a better picnic table solution with Outdoor Living Plus.

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All of our commercial picnic tables are manufactured to the highest standards, from quality raw materials, and go through numerous quality inspections. Further, we offer a comprehensive guarantee ā€“ in writing ā€“ for all of our products. These are just some of the ways you will save money with our tables:

  • Custom finish: depending on your needs, our varnishing team will use a specific blend of wood stain to create the exact look you want
  • Installed on any flooring: we designed our tables for easy installation on grass, concrete or decking ā€“ no modifications needed
  • Weather resistant: we pre-treat all timber parts with special sealants and stain that protects your investment from rain and UV radiation. Our tables are designed to last a long time!
  • Simple installation: we specifically designed our tables for easy assembly. Our engineers worked through the design numerous times to reduce the number of installation steps