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Outdoor Bar Setting Blue Mountains

Outdoor Bar Setting Blue Mountains

Why Buy Our Outside Bar Setting

Do you need to create a change in your small outdoor space? Why not invest in an outdoor bar setting! If you love outdoors, you will definitely love an outside bar setting. The bar setting will create a chic outdoor area that will act as a perfect entertainment for you and your friends. With our 30 years of experience in designing and building outdoor structures, you can trust that our outdoor bar setting is the perfect set you need for your outdoor space. Some of the outstanding qualities with our outdoor bar settings that you will not find anywhere else in Australia include:

  • Wide-Open Walk-In Design: The wide-open walk-in design is a bar table design of its kind. In Australia, there are no other tables of this kind. Everything is wide, and people can walk in and out without anything to block their entrance or exit. This also makes cleaning of the outside bar setting very easy.
  • Safety-First Aussie Craftsmanship: For the tops and seats, the corners are sanded to their smooth rather than cutting them straight. This ensures maximum comfort and safety for the users of the outside bar setting.
  • Greater Variety: The outdoor bar settings are available in a wide variety ranging from 4, 6, 8 to 10 seaters with or without an umbrella hole. The seats and tables come in a variety of colors and stains for you to choose from.
  • Triple Protection Warranty Design: Our outside bar settings come with 5-year workmanship warranty, 10-year structural warranty and 25 years guarantee against rot and decay.
  • A Full Meter High: The outdoor bar setting is about a meter high, so users are at eye-level. A higher elevation means that there is no straining or stretching to see the television. You also don’t have to bend so as to serve food or beverages to your guests.
  • Risk-Free Shipping: Upon placing your order with us, your table will be in a ready-to-install condition, and it will arrive in the same condition. If anything happens during the shipping process and compromises the quality of your outside bar setting, we are fully responsible for the mistake, and we will act accordingly.

The most important thing to us is satisfying a client not completing a sale.  We want you to get the right products that will meet your needs. We will install it properly and quote a friendly price. Make an order with us and join businesses and individuals that are happy with our products. Remember we care because your satisfaction determines our success.

European history[edit]

Arthur Phillip, the first governor of New South Wales, first glimpsed the extent of the Blue Mountains from a ridge at the site of today’s Oakhill College, Castle Hill. He named them the Carmarthen Hills, ‘some forty to sixty miles distant…” and he reckoned that the ground was “most suitable for government stock”. This is the location where Gidley King in 1799 established a prison town for political prisoners from Ireland and Scotland.

The first documented use of the name Blue Mountains appears in Captain John Hunter’s account of Phillip’s 1789 expedition up the Hawkesbury River. Describing the events of about 5 July, Hunter wrote: “We frequently, in some of the reaches which we passed through this day, saw very near us the hills, which we suppose as seen from Port Jackson, and called by the governor the Blue Mountains.”[13] During the nineteenth century the name was commonly applied to the portion of the Great Dividing Range from about Goulburn in the south to the Hunter Valley in the north, but in time it came to be associated with a more limited area.[8]

The native Aborigines knew two routes[citation needed] across the mountains: Bilpin Ridge, which is now the location of Bells Line of Road between Richmond and Bell, and the Coxs River, a tributary of the Nepean River. It could be followed upstream to the open plains of the Kanimbla Valley, the type of country that farmers prize.

European settlers initially considered that fertile lands lay beyond the mountains, as was China in the belief of many convicts, but that this didn’t matter much, since the mountains were impassable.[14] This idea was, to some extent, convenient for local authorities. An “insurmountable” barrier would deter convicts from trying to escape in that direction.

A former convict, John Wilson, may have been the first European to cross the Blue Mountains. It is also believed that Mathew Everingham, 1795,[15] may have also been partly successful based on letters he wrote at the time which came to light in the late 1980s. Wilson arrived with the First Fleet in 1788 and was freed in 1792. He settled in the bush, living with the Aborigines and even functioning as an intermediary between them and the settlers. In 1797 he returned to Sydney, claiming to have explored up to a hundred miles in all directions around Sydney, including across the mountains. His descriptions and observations were generally accurate, and it is possible that he had crossed the mountains via the southern aspect at the Coxs River corridor, guided by the Aborigines.[16]:76–77

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