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Outdoor Bar Setting Brisbane

Elevating Your Outdoor Bar Setting Experience

The more successful clubs and organizations are the ones who provide a more distinctive outdoor bar setting for their members and their members guests.  However, management needs to be careful that the distinctiveness adds real value to the experience.  In other words, you want any changes or upgrades to be one’s that make a real difference not just cosmetic ones.  An example of just such an upgrade would be the ‘meter-high’ wide open bar settings from Outdoor Living Plus.

The moment you switch from the more common, lower tables you’re using now your members will see the difference.  Meter-high tables, compared to those they’ve gotten used to over the years, provide a startling and impressive contrast.  They’re expectations will be higher.  Then, lo and behold, your new outdoor bar setting with the meter-high tables actually deliver or even exceed on those expectations.

Your members and their guests slide into them easily, thanks to the Wide Open Walk-in design.  Instead of legs bent and cramped, they can stretch and move.  Members and guests have a higher and more unobstructed view of the grounds around them.  The overall feeling is more comfortable and more welcoming.

And after all is said and done, aren’t those two of the most critical deliverables of any club or organization, to be more comfortable and welcoming?

One of the oldest cities in Australia, Brisbane was founded upon the ancient homelands of the indigenous Turrbal and Jagera peoples. Named after the Brisbane River on which it is located – which in turn was named after Scotsman Sir Thomas Brisbane, the Governor of New South Wales from 1821 to 1825[9] – the area was chosen as a place for secondary offenders from the Sydney Colony. A penal settlement was founded in 1824 at Redcliffe, 28 kilometres (17 mi) north of the central business district, but was soon abandoned and moved to North Quay in 1825, opening to free settlement in 1842. The city was marred by the Australian frontier wars between 1843 and 1855, and development was partly set back by the Great Fire of Brisbane, and the Great Brisbane Flood. Brisbane was chosen as the capital when Queensland was proclaimed a separate colony from New South Wales in 1859. During World War II, Brisbane played a central role in the Allied campaign and served as the South West Pacific headquarters for United States Army General Douglas MacArthur.[12]

Today, Brisbane is well known for its distinct Queenslander architecture which forms much of the city’s built heritage. It also receives attention for its damaging flood events, most notably in 1974 and 2011. The city is a popular tourist destination, serving as a gateway to the state of Queensland, particularly to the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, popular resort areas immediately south and north of Brisbane, respectively. Several large cultural, international and sporting events have been held at Brisbane, including the 1982 Commonwealth Games, World Expo ’88, the final Goodwill Games in 2001, and the 2014 G-20 summit.

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