Outdoor bar Setting Sunshine Coast

Turning an Outdoor Bar Setting into a Wide Open One

The whole point of having an outdoor bar setting is to deliver on a more expansive, free-flowing dining, drinking and service experience.  Why are you seating customers at tight, cramped tables set so low to the ground?  There’s no ceilings!  Nothing but sky, right?  There may be a boundary of hedges or fencing but being an outdoor bar setting, the feeling you want to deliver is one of less restriction, not more.  Right?   More and more owners and operators of clubs, pubs and restaurants are discovering just how easy it is to maximize the outdoor bar setting experience for their customers by switching to the newer, higher and more wide open outdoor bar tables exclusively from Outdoor Living Plus.  People prefer to drink, dine and socialize outdoors as opposed to indoors for reasons that have nothing to do with the food, drink or even the service.  The choose the al fresco ambiance because they don’t want to feel closed in.  They don’t want to feel cramped.  They want to breathe and not just with their lungs.  The moment they see the new meter-high WOW outdoor bar tables they know they’re in for an outdoor bar setting experience different from the rest.  The extra comfort, extra freedom, greater visibility are all there to be seen before they’re even experienced.  Your new higher and more wide open outdoor bar setting lets customers know you ‘get it’ before they even get started.