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Outdoor Bar Setting – A Full Meter High!

CLASSIC BAR Picnic Tables: Sizes: 6 And 8 Seaters – 1 Meter High

1 Meter High: Hardwood Bar Picnic Tables

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TOPS TABLES AND SEATS: 140mm x 25mm hardwood

LEGS AND OTHER COMPONENTS: We use Structural H3 LOSP (arsenic free) treated pine. All pieces are hand selected planed, sanded and routed to ensure a beautiful, safe splinter free finish.

PRESTIGE BAR Picnic Tables: Sizes: 6 And 8 Seaters – 1 Meter High

1 Meter High: Hardwood Bar Picnic Tables

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Prestige Bar Tables has combined two sustainable and responsible materials. Using the high strength of composite materials (Tops and Seats), and the durability and weather resistance of LOSP H3 Treated Pine (Legs and other components), the tables gives strong consideration to the limited natural resources we all share, and the future of the planet.

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Specials & Clearance

6 x Outdoor Bar Settings (1m high) – PRESTIGE

PRESTIGE – Outdoor Bar Setting (1m high)

CLASSIC – Outdoor Bar Setting (1m high)

A Full Meter High!: Customers are at eye-level with all that’s going on. No stretching or straining to see the television or passing trays filled with something they’re more likely to order – now that they can see it! The higher elevation means they’re not likely to be looked over by service staff and servers no longer have to bend over to deliver beverages and food.

WOW Picnic table is short for a, Wide-Open-Walk-in, table. Unlike the traditional A-frame picnic tables with a cross bar that makes it difficult to get in and out of, the WOW picnic table has easy access for people of all ages and sizes. Rather than sharp edge corners, we sand them so the corners are smooth, rounded (for maximum comfort) and safe. Same applies for the table tops and seats.

We use Structural H3 LOSP (arsenic free) treated pine. All pieces are hand selected planed, sanded and routed to ensure a beautiful, safe splinter free finish.

Our outdoor bar settings come in 6 & 8 seaters. Our tables are designed for restaurants, cafes,  clubs or backyards. 

Picnic tables dimensionsBar / pub  tables 1.0m high
Fixings:HEX5 Type 17 Gal Bugle / Batten Screws 
Stain / Vanish:Odorless, water-borne stain / varnish. Active ingredients: Pure acrylic polymers with coloring pigments.
Umbrella Hole:51mm Optional (no EXTRA cost)
Warranty:10-years structural warranty and 5-year workmanship warranty.
Australia-wide Delivery:Yes
Instruction Manual:Yes
Timber (Legs)45mm Thick H3 LOSP Treated Pine (25 year rot/decay guarantee)
Table Tops & Seats:140mm x 25mm Hardwood OR Composite materials
Why Buy Our Outdoor Bar Setting Product?

Our Outdoor Bar Setting delivers multiple benefits to operators of restaurants and bars. Why? Bar operators love these products for very solid reasons. Some of the benefits to facility owners and patrons are listed below.

Some Benefits of Outdoor Bar Settings

  • A 2 meter table setting seats up to 8 patrons.
  • Outdoor Bar Setting is one full meter high, pub table height and at eye level, particularly significant if you have outdoor TVs, for unobstructed viewing.
  • This is the only wide open walk-in bar table design in Australia.
  • Each bar setting is flexible, with Outdoor Bar Settings designs to seat 6 and 8 people.
  • You can order each table with or without an umbrella hole to accommodate an outdoor umbrella.
  • There is a wide variety of table colors and/or stains to match your décor.
  • Each bar table is warrantied for 25 years against rot and decay, along with a 10-year structural warranty, and a 5-year workmanship warranty.
  • Your service staff doesn’t need to bend to deliver food and beverages.
  • Along with patrons who can walk-in without tripping over in-the-way timbers, bar staff can clean up tables easier.
  • Patrons who prefer to stand find the table top convenient so they don’t need to bend to reach their beverage.

Outdoor Living Plus

Our Outdoor Bar Settings complement our other quality wood-crafted products, e.g., picnic tables, throughout Australia. “Thousands of people sit at our super-comfortable WOW picnic benches and outdoor bar settings in Broome, Cains, Rockhampton, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, just to mention a few of the more well-known great places in Australia.”

A sample of our happy clients include the establishments listed below.

  • Hog’s Breath Café
  • RACV Royal Pines Golf and Holiday Resort
  • Jupiters Hotel & Casino
  • Glenelg Public Steakhouse
  • Bli Bli Aqua Parks on the Sunshine Coast
  • Sunshine Coast Yacht Club
  • Helensvale’s Night Quarters’ Markets

You can enjoy good food and drink at these locales on Outdoor Living Plus WOW picnic benches. Prospective clients often ask to visit our factory to watch our outdoor picnic tables being made. We typically suggest they visit some of our clients so they can see out tables in action!

When you’re in Brisbane, visit the Yard Bird Ale House to see our WOW tables in action. Near the town of Broome? Try stopping by the Willi Creek Pearl Farm to see the famous WOW tables in use. Sports fans can check out our Bar Tables at the GPS Rugby Premier Club in Brisbane. Talk about action!

As popular as are our Outdoor Bar Settings are with pubs, hotels, and restaurants, they also are super at schools (they can take the regular punishment from playing children), entertainment centers, and race tracks, anywhere that food and beverages are served.

Learn what our clients already know, your patrons and staff will love our Outdoor Bar Settings and custom crafted picnic tables as much as our pub, café, and restaurant owners do. That’s why we offer the triple warranty protection previously described.