Outdoor Bar Tables Sunshine Coast

The Higher the Tables, The Better the Service

All over Australia owners and operators of clubs, pubs and restaurants featuring outdoor bar settings are seeing the effect meter-high wide open walk in outdoor bar tables are having on customer service and even their servers.  To most, it came as a very pleasant and profitable surprise.  They upgraded to the new higher, more comfortable outdoor bar setting tables for the more obvious reasons; they give their outdoor bar setting a more welcoming look, they’re more comfortable for customers and they make it easier for customers to look about to see what’s going on, what specials are on the menu and so forth.  The low prices of the tables and the fact they are manufactured and sold exclusively in Australia didn’t hurt either.  But they never thought, for a moment, how these higher outdoor bar tables would improve customer service.  Think of it.  Not only, because they’re sitting up higher, can the customer look about but the waiters, waiters and those bussing the tables can too.  Those serving customers can more easily see glasses and pitchers emptying and appetizers ready to be replaced by appetizers.  Those bussing tables can more clearly see when it’s time to clear.  There’s no more bending over to serve trays of drinks and food.  No more back aches.  No more accidents.  Orders slide into place instead of drop.  It may seem like a small thing if one thinks of it as a single table of orders but when a waiter or waitress spends hours on their feet constantly being over to hear orders and serve, it can become quite exhausting.  Quality of server, over the course of a busy evening can suffer.  The new meter-high outdoor bar setting tables does away with all of it.  Especially for larger parties of 6, 8 or 12.  Parties of these sizes are more profitable to the business and, at the same time, they require a higher standard of service.  One customers drink is empty, another is half full and another has just gotten started.  The meter-high outdoor bat tables let’s the server see all and makes it easier to serve them as well.