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Outdoor Bar Setting – 25 years guarantee against rot and decay, 10 years structural warranty and 5 years workmanship warranty

Outdoor Bar Tables Ipswich Location  – United Sports Club
Outdoor activities and sports are part of the Ozzie lifestyle. Sport is more than just winning on the field. It’s building on friendships, exercise and socialise. Be tough on the field and create memories with mates and opponents after the battle.
Sports and Community clubs play and important part for communities to interact and compete with others.
Lawn bowls has been a favourite pastime of Australians for many years. The game has cemented its place in the fabric of communities across the country as a way for people of all ages to meet new friends and enjoy friendly competition.
United Sports Club in Ipswich approached Outdoor Living Plus to manufacture outdoor bar settings for their outside area. As in sport, they wanted a ‘winner’. Tough to survive the conditions; however, tables that will last, like the veterans at the club.
Outdoor Living Plus Bar tables were exactly what this longstanding club, needed. Unlike our WOW Picnic tables (700 cm high) our WOW Bar tables are 1 meter high.
This elevated height will not let you miss any action even if spectators are standing in front of you. These Outdoor Bar tables still have the WOW (Wide-Open-Walk-in) factor.
Refurbish your club with our WOW Picnic or WOW Outdoor Bar tables and have the competitive advantage even before the game starts. Let’s play ball and share memorable moments after.

United Outdoor Bar Tables

8 seater outdoor bar tables

4, 6 and 8 Seater Outdoor Bar Tables 

Bar Picnic tables

Outdoor Pub Tables “1 Meter High!”

  • Wide-Open Walk-In Bar Table Design: The only bar table design of its kind in all Australia. Anyone, no matter how big, small, man or woman can easily walk right in and sit right down.
  • Safety-First Aussie Craftsmanship: Rather than cut corners, we sand them so their smooth, rounded for maximum comfort and safety. Same goes for the tops and seats.
  • Greater Variety: Tables to seat 4, 6, 8 or 10 with or without umbrella hole, wide variety of colors and stains.
  • Triple Protection Warranty Design: 25 years guarantee against rot and decay, 10 years structural warranty and 5 year workmanship warranty

Tables to seat 4, 6, 8 or 10 (1m high).

Standard Picnic Table

Backrest Picnic Table

Bar Picnic Table

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