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Why Buy Outdoor Furniture From Outdoor Living Plus

Outdoor Living Plus is a company dedicated to making the best outdoor furniture in Australia. We don’t outsource our work, and make all of our products right here in Australia!

We don’t import cheap products or raw materials from China, and we make sure that every item we manufacture is made to the highest standards and undergoes a thorough our quality control inspection.

Because of all the effort that goes into our outdoor furniture, we’re able to offer some of the most generous guarantees in the industry!

Classic Picnic Tables

Voted No #1 Picnic Tables “MADE IN AUSTRALIA!”

Wide-Open Walk-In Design: The only picnic table design of its kind in all Australia. Anyone, no matter how big, small, man or woman can easily walk right in and sit right down.

Safety-First Aussie Craftsmanship: Rather than cut corners, we sand our outdoor furniture so their smooth, rounded for maximum comfort and safety. Same goes for the tops and seats.

Greater Variety: Outdoor Tables to seat 4, 6, 8 or 10, with or without backrest, with or without umbrella hole, wide variety of colors and stains, fixed bench or separate

Triple Protection Warranty Design: 25 years guarantee against rot and decay, 10 years structural warranty and 5 year workmanship warranty

Backrest Picnic Tables

When we set out to build the most comfortable and ergonomic outdoor furniture on the market, we surveyed consumers about what was important to them. One of the more common concerns from our focus groups was that typical picnic tables have no backrests!

Our customers have given us absolutely wonderful feedback about this feature because it makes it easy to rest the back, and they don’t need to constantly lean forward on their elbows. Of course, the choice is always yours, and you can get a table with or without a backrest.

Outdoor Bar Settings (1m High)

25-year guarantee against rot and decay, 10-years structural warranty and 5-year workmanship warranty.

A Full Meter High!

Customers are at eye-level with all that’s going on. No stretching or straining to see the television or passing trays filled with something they’re more likely to order – now that they can see it! The higher elevation means they’re not likely to be looked over by service staff and servers no longer have to bend over to deliver beverages and food.

Outdoor Bar Tables (1m High)

Our new line-up of BENCHLESS Outdoor Bar Tables gives you the option of a stand-up or sit down experience – or both!  And, regardless of your choice, you’ll save plenty.  And, what you’re saving on are tables that as beautiful as they are strong.


We not only use the finest timbers to build our tables, we treat it so it remains the finest for years – up to 25 years to be exact!  Whether you use your table inside or outside or both, your covered against rot or decay for 25-years!


There’s the 4-seater for smaller more intimate groups (1.1m)

The 6-seater is for larger family size groups (1.5m)

For the larger crowds, there’s the big boy 8-seater (2m)

All three sizes are available in a choice of heights too! – Standard 725m or a full 1m bar size.

Final Thoughts

Our goal is to make you happy and build a long term working relationship with you, so that you’ll remain our customer for many decades! Take the first step, give us a call – 1300 900 239, and let us show you how amazing it can be to work with a company that puts the customer above all else.

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