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Commercial Quality Tables MANUFACTURED In Australia”

Standard or 1m high Pub tables – 30% discount

  • It will never require oiling or sealing (tops)
  • Made from 100% FSC-Certified Bamboo composite (tops)
  • Resist most regular stains and spills such as mustard, ketchup, oil, fat, red wine, soft drinks and food spills.

  • Made from H3 Treated Pine L.O.S.P

  • GAB OR GABLESS?: For indoor use, go GABLESS.  For outdoor use, go for the 10mm gabs between the top sections.

  • Safety-First Aussie Craftsmanship: Rather than cut corners, we sand them so their smooth, rounded for maximum comfort and safety. 

  • Greater Variety: The 6-seater is for larger family size groups (1.5m). For the larger crowds, there’s the big boy 8-seater (2m). All two sizes are available in a choice of heights too! Standard 700mm or a full 1m bar size.

  • Triple Protection Warranty Design: 25 years guarantee against rot and decay, 10 years structural warranty and 5 year workmanship warranty

 Weathered Grey


Northern Oak

Brown Jarrah

PRESTIGE Outdoor / Indoor Tables

It will never require oiling or sealing (Table tops)

6 seater (700mm high)WAS $512NOW $359Yes Included
8 seater (700mm high)WAS $655NOW $459Yes Included
6 seater BAR (1000mm high)WAS $512NOW $359Yes Included
8 seater BAR (1000mm high)WAS $655NOW $459Yes Included

CLASSIC- BAR (1000mm high) Outdoor Table – 10mm gabs 

Classic Outdoor / Indoor Tables – Solid, Commercial Quality!

Rather than sharp edge corners, we sand them so the corners are smooth, rounded (for maximum comfort) and safe. Same applies for the table tops and seats.

We use Structural H3 LOSP (arsenic free) treated pine. It has a 25 year guarantee against rot and decay. All pieces are hand selected planed, sanded and routed to ensure a beautiful, safe splinter free finish. 



Tables unstained

6 seater (700mm high)WAS $512NOW $359FREE Staining Supplies
8 seater (700mm high)WAS $655NOW $459FREE Staining Supplies
6 seater BAR (1000mm high)WAS $512NOW $359FREE Staining Supplies
8 seater BAR (1000mm high)WAS $655NOW $459FREE Staining Supplies
  • Freight not included. Please contact us with your potential order and I will sent you a quote delivery and Gst included.  (Total cost)

  • We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Cheque, and other methods of payment – just let us know what works for you.

  • Indoor / Outdoor tables come in just a few easy to assemble pieces and it shouldn’t take more than 10-minutes to put one together.  We have a support line to help walk you through it if needed.  

  • Tables unstained with free staining supplies

BULK ORDER DISCOUNT: Picnic Tables, Outdoor Bar Settings, African Thatch and Synthetic Thatch. Contact Us Today for a FREE, NO Obligation quote. 1300 900 239 – WHILE STOCK LAST