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Picnic Tables Barossa Valley

Picnic Tables Barossa Valley

WOW picnic tables for your backyard that brings everyone together!

Do you love picnics? Or are you a kind of person who likes to organize barbecues or picnic on weekends? If yes then, do you have a picnic table in your backyard? If no, then consider buying one because having a picnic table in your beautiful backyard will let you host the outdoor picnics and barbecues easily and will offer you the benefit of having an outdoor meal with your loved ones without going to park or countryside.

Having a picnic table in your backyard will give you the comfortable place to sit while you relax and enjoy the beautiful sunny day. Picnic tables also give you the opportunity to create beautiful memories with your family and friends. The other benefit of having a picnic table in your own backyard will give you the feeling that you are on a picnic every day and you can just spend some outdoor family bonding time with your loved ones every day.

So, if you are fond of having your own picnic setting in your backyard, then it doesn’t hurt to invest in a high-quality wooden picnic table. When you are looking to buy picnic tables for your own backyard, you will find many sites, shops, showrooms etc selling picnic tables but the best you can find is only with Outdoor Living Plus.

Outdoor Living Plus picnic tables have Wide-open Walk-in design that offers the maximum comfort to your family and your guests. It allows easy entry and sitting to any big or small person.  When you are buying our WOW picnic tables, you should not worry about the quality, durability, safety and comfort as these are the sure things that you will find with us!

With us, you will find various options like picnic tables with or without backrest, with or without umbrella hole, and with attached seats or separate seats, from which you can select the one that suits your requirements. You will also have the option of 4, 6, 8 and 10 seats for our WOW picnic tables.

Talking about the sturdiness, our WOW picnic tables will not break even if you pound on it, as it is made from highest quality timber in Australia.

Choose the best color and stains for the WOW picnic tables for your backyard which will increase the beauty of your backyard and add the touch of sophistication to your backyard. You will also enjoy the benefit of 25 years of guarantee against rot and decay, 10 years of structural warranty and 5 years of workmanship warranty on our WOW picnic tables.

What are you waiting for! Buy our WOW picnic tables for your backyard and gather your friends and family for some picnic time!

The Barossa Valley derives its name from the Barossa Ranges, which were named by Colonel William Light in 1837. Light chose the name in memory of the British victory over the French in the Battle of Barrosa, in which he fought in 1811. The name “Barossa” was registered in error, due to a clerical error in transcribing the name “Barrosa”. The area is approximately 13 by 14 kilometres (8.1 by 8.7 mi).

The three major towns of the Barossa all have distinctive personalities. Tanunda is generally recognised as the most German of the three with long-standing traditions dating back to the 1840s when the first Germansettlers arrived in the area. Because many of them came from Prussian Silesia, they called the Barossa Neu-Schlesien, or “New Silesia“.[3] The German influence survives to this day (see Barossa German). Angaston, in contrast, is considered the English town as it was settled predominantly by Cornish miners and others from Britain. The third (and largest) town, Nuriootpa, was influenced by both the German and British settlers, and today is the commercial hub of the Barossa where most of the larger stores are located. Tanunda and Angaston are considered ‘tourist towns’ in comparison to Nuriootpa because they have many more facilities to cater for tourists.

In February 2011, South Australian Premier Mike Rann announced that special legislation would be introduced to protect the unique heritage of the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale. Premier Rann said: “Barossa and McLaren Vale food and wine are key icons of South Australia. We must never allow the Barossa or McLaren Vale to become suburbs of Adelaide.”[4] The Character Preservation (Barossa Valley) Act 2012 was subsequently passed by the South Australian Parliament.[5]

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