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A picnic is an event which unites the people you love and tables are something integral for a perfect picnic. Imagine you are throwing a BBQ party at your place and you arranged the whole thing in your lawn but you don’t have tables and chairs for the people to sit and eat. Hiring or getting the tables on rent is very expensive and tiring. You can have a lot of events at your place and you will need the picnic tables for that purpose. What if you want to have your dinner in the open air outside your home and you don’t have a table. Outdoor living plus is offering you a perfect picnic table for all of your occasions which have the best features.

Wide open walk-in design:
Wow picnic table allows you to use them easily because they provide you with the maximum place you need in a picnic table. You can go and sit on the benches with your full ease without even try to pull yourself into the bench. It is one of the best picnic tables present in Australia build with a wide space. It can accommodate a person of every size. A small child and a healthy person, both can use this table with the same ease.

Safety first Aussie craftsmanship:
This is the first picnic table which allows everyone to use it without any kind of disturbances. The cuts of the edges on the table are so smooth that they are unnoticeable for the people. The edges are specially formed in a rounded way which is safe for the children and also the adults. You will not get any cut from the edges so you can sit and enjoy without being conscious about anything.

Greater variety:
Wow picnic table provides you with the best variety available in the market. These picnic tables have the capacity to accommodate a large number of people according to your requirement. You can get your picnic table customized for the specific number of people. It can accommodate from four people to eight people. You can also get the option to have the umbrella hole in your table. Other than that, you can get your own wow picnic table in the color you like. You can also have it with the benches attached or separated with the table.

Triple protection warranty design:
Wow picnic tables come with the triple warranty. Other companies offer the warranty of 10-20 years but with wow picnic table you can get the warranty of 25 years. 10 years warranty is of the structure and 5 years warranty is of the workmanship. You ca use your table easily without even worrying about its issues.
In short, wow tables are something which will enhance the enjoyment of your picnic. Also,it comes at a very less price like 15-30% less than the prices of other picnic tables. Spend less and get the best experience with the wow picnic tables.


Canberra is home to many national monuments and institutions such as the Australian War Memorial, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Library,[125] the National Archives,[212] the Australian Academy of Science,[213] the National Film and Sound Archive and the National Museum.[125] Many Commonwealth government buildings in Canberra are open to the public, including Parliament House, the High Court and the Royal Australian Mint.[214][215][216]

Lake Burley Griffin is the site of the Captain James Cook Memorial and the National Carillon.[125] Other sites of interest include the Black Mountain Tower, the Australian National Botanic Gardens, the National Zoo and Aquarium, the National Dinosaur Museum and Questacon – the National Science and Technology Centre.[125][217]


A copy of every book published in Australia is required by law to be held by the National Library of Australia.[218]

The Canberra Museum and Gallery in the city is a repository of local history and art, housing a permanent collection and visiting exhibitions.[219] Several historic homes are open to the public: Lanyon and Tuggeranong Homesteads in the Tuggeranong Valley,[220][221] Mugga-Mugga in Symonston,[222] and Blundells’ Cottage in Parkes all display the lifestyle of the early European settlers.[18] Calthorpes’ House in Red Hill is a well-preserved example of a 1920s house from Canberra’s very early days.[223] Canberra has many venues for live music and theatre: the Canberra Theatre and Playhouse which hosts many major concerts and productions;[224] and Llewellyn Hall (within the ANU School of Music), a world-class concert hall are two of the most notable.[225] The Street Theatre is a venue with less mainstream offerings.[225] The Albert Hall was the city’s first performing arts venue, opened in 1928. It was the original performance venue for theatre groups such as the Canberra Repertory Society.[226]

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