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Top 3 Questions when Buying a Wooden Table for Your Back Yard

Here at Outdoor Living Plus we’ve helped many homeowners find the best wooden table for their back yard. Over time, we’ve learned that there are several questions homeowners tend to ask time and time again, when doing their research. To help address some of the main concerns of owning a wooden table, we’ve put together this great article for you, which touches on some of the most important aspects.

#1 Is the Surface of the Wooden Table Smooth?

The short answer is yes, and we invite anyone who is interested in a wooden table to visit one of our display centers to see and feel actual assembled tables.

However, this is a great question, because most people have undoubtedly seen a timber table in a park somewhere, and noticed that the surface was very rough and uneven. In many cases, the texture was so bad that it would cause small splinters to be lodged in the skin.

There’s a good reason why wooden tables in the park often have such bad texture; they weren’t sanded and stained properly. For example, the reason why OLP tables are so smooth is because we sand the surface in multiple stages. Many other manufacturers will do just one pass with a sander and move the timber into production. However, our factory process requires multiple stages of sanding for the components of a wooden table, to create an ultra smooth finish.

Further, we ensure the smoothness of the surface by having a dedicated team that assures quality control as the timber is moved through the manufacturing process. If there are any imperfections at all, the pieces are put back through the sanding process until they can move on to the next stage.

#2 Will the Wooden Table Rot from Moisture?

This is an absolutely excellent question. No one wants to buy a wooden table only to have it deteriorate a few years after purchase.

The best way to avoid this is to apply a quality stain and sealant to all of the wooden components, which will lock out the moisture.

For example, any customer who buys a wooden table from Outdoor Living Plus will get free staining/varnishing supplies, as well as detailed instructions, so that they can protect the table once it’s assembled.

Further, we don’t just provide any stain to our customers. Because we offer a 25 year warranty against rot and termites, we give our customers the best stain on the market, to ensure the wooden table lasts a very long time. This isn’t cheap stuff made somewhere in China, but top quality stain that has proprietary moisture protection formulas that have been developed over many years of research.

#3 What about Termites?

Termites absolutely love breeding inside timber structures, and wooden tables are no exception. The worst part about these little bugs is that many homeowners won’t even notice them until it’s too late, and the table is no longer usable.

We’ve seen this problem quite often, because we’ve helped many customers who needed to replace their old, low quality tables they’ve bought from mom & pop shops.

The problem in most cases where termite damage occurred was that the wood wasn’t prepared properly. In fact, when we would examine it closely, we could clearly see that it wasn’t pressure treated. Sadly, the everyday consumer has no idea that the cheap table they’re buying from some importer often won’t last more than a few years!!

It’s really a disgrace, and it makes us very angry when we see how some homeowners are duped with this stuff. There is no way around it; if the wood isn’t properly treated with the right anti-termite and anti-fungal chemicals, then it will disintegrate rapidly. Simply staining the wooden table is not enough.
This is exactly why we don’t trust anyone to manufacture our wooden tables and why we do the work ourselves, right here in Australia. It gives our team the ability to monitor every single step of the process to ensure that the timber is properly prepared to resist termites, moisture and fungus.

Taking the Next Step

If you’re interested in getting a top quality wooden table for your back yard, the best thing to do is to ask questions. We’re here for you. Give us a call at 1300 900 239 and we’ll gladly answer your question, and can even help you choose the best wooden table for your needs!


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