Picnic Tables For Schools – 6 & 8 Seaters – Primary/Seconday Schools – 30% Discount – Bulk Buy Specials

“Last 20 Years + Virtually NO Maintenance & Cost Effective”

Wide-Open Walk-In Design: The only picnic table design of its kind in all Australia. Anyone, no matter how big, small, man or woman can easily walk right in and sit right down.

Safety-First Aussie Craftsmanship – MADE IN AUSTRALIA

Warranty: 10 years structural warranty and 5 year workmanship warranty

Sizes & Colours: Available in 2 sizes(6 / 8 Seaters), two colours(Grey / Brown) and 2 heights(Primary / Secondary).

Prices: Primary / Secondary 6 Seater: $480 | Primary / Secondary 8 Seater: $580

Budget: I know that budget is a big topic in all schools. Therefore, I believe our tables are the most cost-effective Outdoor School Tables. For just under $500 for a 6 Seater Outdoor School settings.

Quality: The Outdoor School Setting will last you 20 years or more!

Maintenance: The Outdoor School tables are made from 100% FSC-certified composite materials, for both the table tops and the seats, meaning that no maintenance is required (tops/seats) except cleaning!

Cater for School needs: We make tables for schools and universities, to suit you’re their individual specifications. For example, we offer different height options for Primary and Secondary Schools.

School Image: The Outdoor School Table Settings are absolutely beautiful. Will really enhance to look and image of any School.

Local: All Outdoor School Table settings and benches are locally handmade in Australia.

Australia Wide: We deliver Australia wide and can offer you very competitive delivery prices.

We can manufacture to your exact specification. (5 tables or more)

(Customers must ensure sizes are correct for their individual requirements. This information is for guidance only.)

Primary SchoolSecondary School
Outdoor events and activities are an essential part of schooling. Children must be given the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and sunshine during the course the academic day. This is especially important in the fall and spring seasons, when the skies are brightest and the weather makes staying indoors impossible. Installing the right picnic tables on your school grounds makes it easier to meet this aim.

If you are a principle or are in any way involved in supplying the material needs of schools, then you should consider carefully the shape, size, and design of the picnic tables you order. Perhaps the most important issue to deal with is safety. As a school administrator you have an enormous responsibility for it. Every day, hundreds of parents leave the lives and well-being of what is most precious to them in your hands. The picnic tables you order, like everything else in the school, must adhere to the most rigorous standards of safety. You must scrutinize the design rigorously—nothing must be left to chance when it comes to keeping children from harm.

The aesthetic appearance of the picnic tables is another important factor. You want tables that look nice; tables that will blend in with the school and its grounds in a harmonious way. An orderly and well-kept school inspires confidence and pride. You should therefore choose picnic tables that will enhance the look and feel of the school grounds.

Durability is a final factor to look at, and it is a very important one. You are using public money in this investment. You must therefore ensure that you get maximum value. The picnic tables you purchase should be tough and durable enough to withstand the elements. They should not be so vulnerable as to fall apart after a few seasons of being outside.

“We are very impressed with the quality of product and service provided by the team at Outdoor Living Plus. We purchased a couple of tables for the staff and children at our Child Care Centre and everyone loves them. We would definitely recommend ordering from Outdoor Living Plus.”

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