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CLASSIC: Wide Open Walk In Picnic Tables

Classic Picnic Tables

The only picnic table design of its kind in all Australia. Anyone, no matter how big, small, man or woman can easily walk right in and sit right down.

PRESTIGE: Wide Open Walk In Picnic Tables

Prestige Picnic Tables

The natural look & feel of hardwood timbers, without the usual maintenance hassles and cost associated with wood products. Made using sustainable materials and processes, wherever possible. High Performance, Lifestyle Friendly, and Sustainable

CLASSIC & PRESTIGE: Outdoor Bar Settings

Outdoor Bar Settings

25 Years Guarantee Against Rot And Decay, 10 Years Structural Warranty And 5 Years Workmanship Warranty

AFRICAN THATCH: Direct From The Importer

Cape Reed Tiles

“We only sell African Thatch Tiles that is made from the highest-quality Cape Reed, manufactured to the highest standards, and we offer an unparalleled guarantee on all our African Thatch. Cape reed tiles produce an authentic roof that looks stunning, but most importantly it requires no maintenance.”