Wooden Trestle Tables: Safe, Beautiful, and Will Last Decades. Hand-made In Australia.

Rustic Living Plus has been the benchmark of quality throughout the industry. Due to our commitment to quality, our products are used all around Australia by enterprises and individuals.

Each table is hand-made to order and comes complete with a Triple Protection Warranty: 100% money-back guarantee, 5 years structural warranty, and 5-year workmanship warranty. The best in the industry.

The result is a beautiful fully factory stained timber trestle table with exposed wood and a-frame legs that have been hand-made for you.

We hand-made beautiful, functional wooden trestle tables perfect for weddings, events, large scale exhibition venues, school, local halls, craft and antique fairs to home and garden use.


Our tables are built with style in mind. You'll find a variety of features that vary from trestle table to trestle table. The natural grain, knots, imperfections, and patterns in the wood create this RUSTIC look. We enhance these features even further with our unique staining method and will never send out a trestle table we wouldn't want ourselves. They are 'imperfectly perfect' and that's the way we like them!

Handmade in Australia

Handmade items are exactly that, handmade. You won't find factory-grade precision in our work, but you will find uniqueness, attention to detail, and of course heaps of character! All the wood used is cut by hand and then built by hand as well. Staining and varnishing? You guessed it, all done with our own fair hands. We are an affordable and ethical choice for trestle tables that is handmade in Australia and not imported. Pine is the world’s most environmentally friendly building product. It is natural, reusable, recyclable, and sustainable.

Trestle Tabletop Finishes

Merbau Stain finish
Our standard finish is our dark brown Merbau finish. It is a rustic tone that works well with any colour scheme. All tabletops are finished with the latest odorless, water-borne varnish (pure acrylic polymers with colouring pigments). It is very resistant to water, dirt and stains and is also completely child/pet friendly. For a natural look, there is nothing better to protect and enrich your trestle table for years to come.

Shabby chic/ Whitewashed finish
Shabby chic/ Whitewashed furniture is a design style that embraces a worn, lived-in look. It’s a popular finish that can make spaces feel brighter and more inviting. It’s a great way to add character and richness to a piece of furniture.

Portable and Savvy

It’s lightweight and easy to carry. No assembly required